LOCUST GROVE, Oklahoma - The state passing record is 11,357 yards which is about six and a half miles.

Locust Grove's Mason Fine represents a town just under a square mile of land, but he’s about to break the record and pass for over six and a half miles this Friday, and he’s remaining humble about it.

"This much media attention, the record, it really never came to mind,” said Fine. “I never really thought it would turn out to be this big, but it's truly a blessing."

Fine needs to throw for just over 150 yards to break the record. He's thrown over 2,300 yards this year and threw for over 5,000 yards last year. All while defenses have keyed on him.

"A lot of team's change up their defenses when they see us,” Fine added. “Me and my offensive coordinator really have good chemistry, because we've been playing for four years straight."

His Coach says Mason's competitive edge is what sets him apart.

"He's the best I've ever been around; he's the best I've seen on the field in high school,” said Locust Grove head coach Matt Hennesy. “His composure that he keeps, his drive, his competitiveness, he's got everything that you want.”

People are already reserving their spots for this historic occasion at Locust Grove to see the state record fall.  But that's true to what Mason Fine says, this record's not about him, it's about the community.

“Couldn't have done it without my teammates and without the community of Locust Grove,” said Fine. “It's a great honor coming out here and just show my respect to them, and come out here and play on Friday night. It's the least I can do."