STILLWATER, Oklahoma - Oklahoma State President Burns Hargis said the university is mourning the loss of all those who died in Saturday's Homecoming Parade tragedy, including three members of the "OSU family."

Those members are Dr. Marvin Stone, an Emeritus profession in the Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering, his wife Bonnie Stone, who worked for OSU for more than 33 years, and student-employee Nicolette Strauch, whose 2-year-old son Nash Lucas was killed.

“We extend our heartfelt sympathies to the families and friends of these wonderful individuals,” said OSU President Burns Hargis. 

“Marvin and Bonnie Stone were dedicated OSU employees who will be missed by their many OSU friends. Nicolette Strauch is an OSU student-employee devastated by the loss of her two-year-old son Nash."

Dr. Stone, who retired in 2006 after 24 years as a professor and researcher, was honored for his work at a U.S. Congressional reception in D.C. earlier this year, Hargis said. Bonnie Stone worked for the Institutional Research and Information Management department.

Nicolette Strauch, a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering, was hurt in the fatality wreck that killed her son. She works in the Parking and Transit department of OSU.

The fourth fatality victim is Nakita Prabhakar, an MBA student from the University of Central Oklahoma. She was at the parade with friends.

Hargis said the school will have counselors on site for employees and students starting Monday, on the third floor of the Student Union. Therapy dogs from Pete's Pet Posse will also be on hand.

OSU is planning a memorial service and will be releasing information soon.

Hargis released a list of some of the funding accounts established for victims.  Stillwater Medical Center Foundation has started a fund to assist victims and their families.

Full list of victims from the OSU Homecoming parade crash:

1. Juvenile, 2, Stillwater, Oklahoma - Deceased
2. Prabhakar, Nakita, 23, Edmond, Oklahoma - Deceased
3. Stone, Bonnie Jean, 65, Stillwater, Oklahoma - Deceased
4. Stone, Marvin Lyle, 65, Stillwater, Oklahoma - Deceased
5. Bates, Sherry, 40, Critical
6. Murphy, Kelly, 41, Critical
7. Rodriguez, Diana, 37,  Critical
8. Schmitz, Leo, 60,  Critical
9. Turner, Mary Annette, 61,  Critical
10. Juvenile, 6,  Fair
11. Juvenile, 7,  Fair
12. Juvenile, 6,  Fair
13. Juvenile, 6,  Fair
14. Harrison, Kelly, 27, Good
15. Juvenile, 1,  Good
16. Juvenile, 12, non-life threatening
17. Harrison,Kimberly, 30, non-life threatening
18. Rodriquez, Diana, 37,  non-life threatening
19. Zeng, Dexia, 35, non-life threatening
20. Atwell, Kayleigh, 20,  stable
21. Edwards,Steven, 55, stable
22. Juvenile, 10, Treated and released
23. Abai,Clement, 36, Treated and released
24. Atwell, Deborah, 55, Treated and released
25. Juvenile, 7, Treated and released
26. Juvenile, 13, Treated and released
27. Bolden, Chayton, 19, Treated and released
28. Cardinal, Mary Lynn, 48, Treated and released
29. Carter, Kailey Beth, 19, Treated and released
30. Chintalapati,Bhardwaj, 26, Treated and released
31. Edwards, Teresa Gay, 55, Treated and released
32. Freeman, Carrie, 47, Treated and released
33. Juvenile, 3, Treated and released
34. Gray, Amanda, 24, Treated and released
35. Hulbert, Adonis, 19, Treated and released
36. Johnson, Taylor Lea, 18, Treated and released
37. Johnson,Jenifer, 43, Treated and released
38. Lind, Zhigang, 38, Treated and released
39. Juvenile, 6, Treated and released
40. Reynolds, Amanda, 31, Treated and released
41. Schmitz, Sharon, 66, Treated and released
42. Smith, Anna, 19, Treated and released
43. Stanley,Kim, 58, Treated and released
44. Strauch, Nicolette, 20, Treated and released
45. Strawn, Katie, 46, Treated and released
46. Thames, Pamela, 59, Treated and released
47. Vanhooykonk, Bryan, 34, Treated and released
48. Whyte, Lynn Sue, 60, Treated and released
49. Witten, Kevin, 52, Treated and released
50. Wu, Tao, 34, Treated and released
51. Wu, Yu Ming, 62, Treated and released