The Stillwater Police Department is requesting information from the public to piece together its investigation into the fatal crash at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade.

Four people have died as a result of the crash and four dozen were injured, some critically. Second-degree murder charges have been brought against a woman police say was driving the car that left the nearby roadway and plowed into spectators on a blocked-off street. The district attorney believes the woman drove into the crowd intentionally, documents say.

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If you can help SPD with the following, please call 405-372-4171 or visit the station at Seventh and Lewis.

The police department is requesting that any victims who have not been in contact with the police department or who are not listed on the victim list published Saturday evening please do so. Victims include any person struck by debris during the parade collision. The current known victim list includes people who were transported from the scene by ambulance or helicopter. The current list also includes people treated at the Stillwater Medical Center after going there by private vehicle. There may be people who went elsewhere for treatment by private vehicle.

The police department is also still searching for any witnesses to this event. Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact the Stillwater Police Department if they have not done so already. 

SPD still is searching for any photos or video taken immediately prior to, during or immediately after this collision. Photos and video are invaluable in the collision reconstruction, investigators say. Police say there is a rumor of an unmanned drone flying in the area of the collision scene.  That rumor may be false; however, if it exists, it, too, may link police to valuable footage. Please contact SPD if you have information regarding a drone in that area.

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