TULSA, Oklahoma - Five Tulsa elementary schools could face big changes if the district votes to add 6th grade to Memorial Junior High School. 

School representatives say a shift like this would save money and increase student safety. Memorial Junior High has 7th and 8th graders right now, utilizing only about 60 percent of the school's capacity. By adding 6th grade they could make use of the extra space, while relieving stress on the overcrowded feeder elementary schools.

The Memorial Middle school auditorium served as the meeting place for parents to hear about a new shift that could happen next year. 

"We really ant to hear from the parents we know that they are always interested in where they're children are, one of the opportunities this evening is for parents to see this building," said Ellen Dueker, Tulsa Public Schools.

The fifth graders at Salk, Grissom, Grimes, McClure, Marshall elementary could be ending elementary school and MOVE to Memorial Junior high for 6th grade.

Dueker said, "Rather than have students crowded into trailers we'd like to give parents that opportunity to see if they want to move at least their sixth grade students into this wonderful building."

Under last year's bond, the district received money to build extra space at the elementary schools, getting rid of 80 of 120 temporary classrooms.

"One of the primary goals of the bond is to have safe school environments," Dueker said.

However, school leaders say with space already available at the middle school  the students Could be moved to a more secure middle school.

They'll have access to more programs and that bond money could be directed somewhere else. But parents still have a lot of questions.

Providing answers and getting feedback is what this meeting is about. Mekenzie Cruz is a freshman now at Edison High School and is happy she spent 6th grade in elementary. She says whatever the decision it'll be tough for the kids. 

Student Mekenzie Cruz said, "You're gonna have to get used to it, it takes time but you'll eventually get there."

There still isn't a timeline on when a decision will be made. School representatives say there will be several more meetings to come before the final decision is made.