TULSA, Oklahoma - Dressing up and putting yourself in scary situations is a Halloween tradition for many people.

A big part of that scare comes from haunted attractions. 

And the 13th Ward Haunted Attraction in Broken Arrow didn’t disappoint.

Organizers said it takes a lot of work to make the event a success.

When stepping inside the 13th Ward, it's the sounds you notice first. If that doesn't scare you, the creepy characters roaming through the smoke and strobe light halls will.

"It was just terrifying,” Reese Simpler said. “I was just freaking out. It was fun.”

The 13th Ward takes place in a haunted hospital ward. Operation tables show the gory scene of a surgery gone wrong, as disfigured doctors and nurses, patients and other characters creep about.

"The chain saw guy was really scary and the clowns,” Sophia Cooper said. 

With new haunted attractions popping up every year, these guys are always looking to improve. This attraction covers thousands of square feet. After six years, organizers said they've gotten good at putting things together. 

But even with the experience, it still it takes about six weeks to turn the space into something scary but safe.

"We have a plan,” Floyd said. “We try to have a couple people in each room always, so if someone gets scared, one of the two will escort them to the nearest exit."

Organizers said during Halloween season they only have 13 days to hold the attraction, but for the reactions they get ...it's worth it.

"When you're getting scared, it just makes you pumped up, it makes you want to go and just facing your fears is fun,” Abby Wayman said. “ ...I mean, it's scary, but it's also fun."