TULSA, Oklahoma - Blue Bell Ice Cream is now back on Tulsa store shelves and many shoppers like Danielle Moore could not be happier.  She has been waiting months for this day.

"Today is the day," said Danielle Moore.  

Monday doesn't get any sweeter than this for Danielle.

"Knowing it's in my freezer makes me feel good," said Danielle Moore.  

Dressed in a custom made shirt that reads "I survived the Blue Bell famine of 2015" she made her way down an aisle at Petty's Fine Foods at Utica Square filled with Blue Bell ice cream.

This is the first time it's been on Oklahoma shelves since the company shut down more than six months ago. 

"There were times when I cried," said Danielle Moore.

Blue Bell stopped production after a listeria outbreak- that was linked to three deaths. The company furloughed about 40 percent of its staff at the Broken Arrow plant- and cleaned it thoroughly.  A Texas man invested $125 million to give the company a second chance.  Now, most of the employees have been called back to work and Blue Bell is ready for business.  

"If you get a second chance, especially after national press, you're going to do it right," said customer Denise Felber.  

It's clear people still want their Blue Bell.  

"Every day we have people coming by asking when it is going to be back on the market," said Petty's Fine Food manager Mike Griffeth.

The demand for Blue Bell has been so high that the store is only allowing people to purchase four items at a time. For now, customers can only choose from five flavors- Buttered Pecan, Cookies 'n Cream, Dutch Chocolate, Homemade Vanilla and The Great Divide.  

That's okay with Moore, who is still walking out the door with her two favorite flavors, Dutch Chocolate and Homemade Vanilla. 

"Y'all have a good day," said Danielle Moore.