TULSA, Oklahoma - A local softball organization says an east Tulsa park was hit by copper thieves over the weekend.

The Tulsa Girls Softball Federation says thieves hit the lights at Tulsa's Savage Park in the 17800 block of East 21st Street.  

The federation say the thieves ripped copper wire out of the lights at seven of the nine softball fields, effectively suspending night time games.

Tulsa Girls Softball Federation Chairwoman Lynn Arnold says they've had to cancel their Veteran's Day tournament. Arnold says they've contacted the city and police but there is no word on when the wire will be replaced.  

Copper theft is a huge problem for the city of Tulsa. Last week, the city told News On 6 thousands of street lights have gone dark due to copper wire thieves. In the last four months, thieves have stolen 29 miles of copper wire.  

When it comes to street lights, the city is essentially prioritizing which ones they fix.