TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Residents in one Tulsa neighborhood said they disagree with two of the 46 recommendations presented to the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office by the group “We the People Oklahoma.”

The grassroots group has been speaking out since a reserve deputy, instead of pulling his Taser, shot and killed a man during an undercover sting.

The Sonoma-Midtown Neighborhood Association said they don't want to see fewer officers on patrol in the neighborhood and wrote a letter to TCSO undersheriff Rick Weigel letting him know when it comes to safety, they believe more is better.

They disagree with the recommendation that says deputies should only patrol in the county, not in city limits.

Jennifer Harmon said the Sonoma-Midtown neighborhood is a relatively quiet area where neighbors look out for each other.

"Just to know that [deputies] may not possibly be available was troubling for a couple people, well, for several people actually," Harmon said.

Marq Lewis with “We the People Oklahoma” said he believes the streets of Tulsa are over-policed.

But Harmon said her neighborhood wants to be protected by whomever is available, especially with a shortage of officers within the Tulsa Police Department.

She said they speak from experience because they were harassed, assaulted and even burglarized by a man living on their street for months and struggled to get anything done.

“We tried turning them into the police,” Harmon said. “We tried to get protective orders when they threatened to cut me up with a machete and feed me to a pit bull. I mean we tried to do several things as alert neighbors."

Harmon said when she called the sheriff's office, things immediately improved.

She wrote in her letter to Weigel, "Once we contacted the TCSO, the response was immediate... TCSO played a crucial role in helping our neighborhood."

And it's an option she doesn't want to lose.

“I wouldn't feel safe,” she said.

Weigel said TCSO is open to any suggestions by the public as the office moves forward.