CALERA, Oklahoma - Oklahoma's ban on texting and driving went into effect November 1.  

This week in Bryan County, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Calera Police used a school bus to catch violators.  

The OHP says the school bus gives law enforcement a higher vantage point to see drivers. They drove the school bus up and down Highways 69/75 which runs through Calera.

Troopers told KXII, the CBS affiliate in Sherman, Texas, you can be on a telephone call with your phone to your ear, and you can even send a text as long as you're at a stop light and your vehicle is not in motion.  But they recommend just putting your phone down and concentrating on the road.

"We've done many of many death notifications regarding these types of accidents, obviously one of them including one of our troopers who was killed earlier in the year," OHP Lt. Scott Hampton said.

Within 20 minutes troopers made eight traffic stops, including one semi driver, who was texting behind the wheel.

Calera Police Chief Don Hyde says the highway through their community is very busy and averages 45,000 people a day driving down Main Street.  

"This corridor has already proven to be an unsafe one, and I'd rather them pay attention than pay a fine," Calera Police Chief Don Hyde said.

If caught texting and driving, you could face up to a $100 fine.