TULSA, Oklahoma - Police arrested two people for a Monday afternoon shooting that shutdown a neighborhood in east Tulsa right as kids were being let out of school.

Police arrested Jeremy Thomas and Kenneth Beeks. They said they are the two men who caused the gun fight.

Video shows three people got out and ran after a smoking car with a tire blown out rolled to a stop in a neighborhood near 27th and Garnett.

Tulsa Police said 20 to 30 bullets were fired during the shooting that spanned four blocks. Police said one person was hit, along with five homes and two cars. The victim survived the shooting.

The whole thing played out in front of Olin Boyer.

“One car was just chasing this blue one down the street and they were just shooting at each other," he said.

It happened just as kids were being let out of school at nearby Columbus Elementary. That school, along with Cooper, Disney, East Central Junior High, East Central High and Peary were put on lockdown.

Neighbor Chris Paul said, "Racing down to the school to get your kid 'cause there's a shooting out front of it. That's times that we live in now, I guess. It's becoming a more prevalent event."

It put neighbors, like Ben O'Dell, in a panic.

"I could hear bullets impacting different things in the neighborhood," he said.

Police said a woman driving a blue car was questioned then taken downtown. Officers also questioned another woman at the scene.

Thomas and Beeks are under arrest for two counts of shooting with intent to kill and shooting into an occupied home, as well as shooting with a firearm from a vehicle. Thomas is also booked on possession of a firearm after felony conviction.

Records show Thomas is facing a $460,000 bond. Beeks is facing a $225,000 bond.

Police said they don't know yet why the people in the two cars were shooting at each other.