TULSA, Oklahoma - Machines, wires, and pain are constant companions for Paul Clayton.

"I feel really lucky just to be alive,” said Clayton.

With nine broken ribs, a broken clavicle, broken eye socket, skull fracture, scrapes and bruises, physically he's not doing well.

"It all happened so fast and I remember very little of it,” stated Clayton.

That's because police say drunk driving suspect Daniel McCall rammed into Clayton and his friend Dave Crowell in Creek County.

"I don't remember the impact itself,” Clayton explained. “I remember flying through the air and I see the car behind and just hoping I don't get run over."

This isn't the first time Clayton and Crowell have been hit while cycling.

Back in 2014, someone ran them off the road.

The District Attorney eventually dropped the charges in that case.

"The last time the guy who hit me, in my opinion, was intentional,” Clayton recalled. “He just tried to bump me off the road, which that can kill you too but not as likely as getting plowed into at 60 miles per hour."

Clayton says when he's riding there are close calls, but the danger doesn't always come from drunk drivers.

"Not paying attention could’ve been on a cell phone drunk whatever,” he said.

While he recovers, prayer, family and friends are helping a lot.

"It's just been amazing, it's humbling,” he stated.

Doctors say it could take six to nine months before Clayton recovers, so he won't be able to work at his mechanic shop.