CUSHING, Oklahoma - Many people in Cushing aren't sure what to think after a 5.0-magnitude earthquake rattled and wrecked their town.

There’s quite a bit of damage, and a lot of cleanup ahead. Monday, crews spent much of the day downtown assessing the damage.

People who live in Cushing say the earthquakes are starting to get a little scary.

Cushing is called the pipeline crossroads of America - with the potential to house 90 million barrels of oil at any given time and pipelines funneling that crude to the Cushing tank farm.

Now, with more and more earthquakes in Oklahoma, people in the sleepy oil town say it's concerning.

Willa Jean and her husband live just outside Cushing and say after Sunday night’s earthquake, they'd rather be dealing with tornadoes.

"You know ahead that they're coming, but this, you don't know," Jean said.

"It shook the house worse than it ever has before."

Yvonne Jones moved to Cushing from California but said she's never experienced this many quakes.

"My parents live just outside of town and their fire mantle busted and they have quite a bit of damage," she said.

Monday, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission announced plans to shut down some of the Arbuckle injection wells as an immediate response to the quake, and will immediately reduce operations at others within 700 square miles.

People in Cushing say they're not sure what's causing the quakes, but say something should be done.

"I don't know if has anything to do with the oil, but, maybe slow it down or stop it," Jones said.

Until then, Oklahomans will go about their lives as normal once again - until the next one hits.

People say they are nervous for the next earthquake and hope it's not any bigger.