ATLANTA, Georgia - You look at the stat sheet after the Atlanta win and find more evidence that Russell Westbrook is truly on a roll. Russ was the games leading scorer with 32 points. He was the leading rebounder with13 boards. He lead in the passing department. 13 assists. The fact that he puts up eye popping numbers is amazing. Eve more amazing - It looks easy for him. 

11 triple-doubles in 22 games and 6 straight triple-doubles and no end in sight. 30? 35? 40? Okay, 40 triple-doubles maybe too much to expect in the regular season, but it sure wouldn't surprise me.  

Russ is not one talk about his triple streak, he prefers to discuss the winning part and helping teammates become better.  So, I asked Anthony Morrow about his teammate's amazing run after their sixth straight victory.

“It’s unbelievable. He’s getting it (the numbers) within the game. It’s not like he’s forcing it. It’s something I’ve never seen before. It’s a blessing for all of us to be a part of that type of greatness. He’s doing it for the team. He’s leading us,” said Morrow.

The fans are taking notice as well. The Russ supporters were out last night in Atlanta. MVP chants were echoing throughout Philips Arena at the end of the game. Westbrook's popularity is on the rise at other arenas that's evident. I wonder if that one guy in Philadelphia (season opener) has changed his opinion on Russ? Probably not.

Six players finished in double figures last night, so this is more than a one-man show. Russell's work ethic and style are starting to rub off on the other Thunder players and makes you believe this team has a shot to possibly be a three seed in the Western Conference. Sure, the schedule gets tougher down the road, but as Russ always states... Why Not?