TULSA, Oklahoma - A judge order a Tulsa man who approached a Tulsa police officer and admitted to rape will stand trial.

At a preliminary hearing Thursday, a judge ruled there was enough evidence for Mason Dailey to stand trial for several counts, including lewd molestation.

In November 2016, police said an officer was sitting in his car when Dailey walked up to him and said he wanted to confess to rape.

They said Dailey admitted to having sex with a woman who was intoxicated and wouldn’t have consented had she not been incapacitated.

Detectives said they knew of Dailey because in June 2016 a woman reported being asleep on his couch and waking up with some of her clothing removed and him moments away from raping her.

They also said in 2014, a 14-year-old girl told DHS Dailey raped her.

At the time, neither wanted to prosecute; however, police said once they were contacted following his admission, both agreed to cooperate.