TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa lawmaker who rescinded his resignation over a sexual harassment settlement he says he knew nothing about is thanking his fellow legislators for the chance to defend himself.

Representative Dan Kirby, R-Tulsa, sent a letter to his members of his caucus on Thursday, January 5, 2016, in which he stressed he did nothing wrong.

He said his decision to resign was hasty and was made a time when his family was grieving the cancer death of a 25-year-old relative.

As for the aide, Kirby said he continued to work with her for nearly two months after her request for a transfer was denied by the House of Representatives. Kirby went on to say the aide used him as a reference in January of 2016.

In his letter, he once again said he didn't know anything about a settlement and wrote that if the suit had been filed against him, he would not have settled.

As it was, the House Republican leadership did, spending $45,000 in taxpayer money to pay Hollie Bishop and her lawyers, then disguising it as "cleaning supplies" in the house budget.

Kirby is the Chairman of the Business, Commerce and Tourism Committee and Co-Chairman of the Native American Caucus.

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