TULSA, Oklahoma - Students will begin using Oral Roberts University's new Global Learning Center when classes resume on Wednesday.

The folks at ORU believe the Center and its use of augmented and virtual reality will change the education landscape around the world.

"The only university in the world that's doing this," said Mike Mathews, Oral Roberts University.

Wow, they started as soon as we walked in the door, using a smart phone and some special spectacles I'm taking a virtual tour of a human ear.

"Courses that are using this already, engineering courses, math courses, computer science course biology courses," Mathews said.

For 18 months they've been working behind the scenes to develop and perfect this use of technology which will permit anyone anywhere in the world with a smart phone to go to college.

Mathews said, "The Global Learning Center the investment here truly allows ORU to reach the outermost bounds of the heart, the first time in our 50 year history."

There is so much stuff here, I took a 3-D tour of a human eye, inside something they call the cube interacting with a dolphin

Put on a virtual reality headset and climb inside a computer to learn and inspect its components closeup.

Engineering student Nick Nation showed me how he used the technology to dissect a jet engine.

I was having so much fun in this virtual world I could have lost sight of the fact that it allows ORU to offer a college education to anyone in the world with a smart phone and that it seems is pretty spectacular.

The center will have its official grand opening Wednesday afternoon at 12:30.