CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma - Firefighters spent hours taking on a large grass fire west of Mannford that they said was started when the wind blew drooping power lines into each other.

They said it started close to a home near the intersection of Highways 48 and 51.

Mannford homeowner Peggy Wallace said they usually keep their gate open at night and so that decision may have made things easier so firefighters could contain the fire.

Wallace said someone stopped by their house this morning to let her and her husband know about the grass fire just a few feet from their home.

"That lady honked and came in and said, 'oh, you've got fire behind your house. It was just solid, just solid that way," Wallace said. 

Several fire departments - including Mannford and Silver City - showed up to put out the fire.

But before they arrived, homeowners were already working to knock down the flames.

"My husband, he did a pretty good job. He got hoses out and watered everything down," Wallace said. 

Firefighters were on scene all morning to fight any flare-ups.

Wallace said she's seen a few of these fires in her 45 years living here.

"In the night, we looked out there and it was a little fire and we've had fires down there and it would be a spark during the day," she said. 

Several tankers were positioned in the area to provide water for the firefighters.