ARDMORE, Oklahoma - A 59-year-old man suspected of a breaking into an Ardmore home Sunday morning is blaming his dog for the crime.

Police arrested Michael Douglas after a homeowner called about the burglary.

"He was like, my dog, my dog, my dog did it," homeowner Alejandra Garcia said. "And then he just walked off."

Police told KXII, the CBS affiliate in Sherman, Texas, Garcia woke up and heard footsteps inside her home.  When she opened her bedroom door, she saw a dog.  

When she walked into the living room, Garcia found a big mess.

"Everything was on the floor, there was ham, there was sausage," Garcia said. "The XBox was on the floor, the DirectTV receiver was on the floor, and my TV."

That is when she heard someone outside her home.

Police officers arrested Michael Douglas a short time later.  

Officers said Douglas claimed he was walking his dog when it ran off and he was just trying to retrieve the dog from inside Garcia's home.

"I've heard of dogs eating your homework and excuses like that, but never a dog burglarized your home." Ardmore Police Captain Keith Ingle said.

He says Douglas story just didn't add up.

"I don't believe a dog is capable of unhooking a television, and opening a refrigerator," Captain Ingle said. 

"Well, I've seen them opening doors before, but not placing certain items in certain parts of the home, stacking them up ready to take out."

Police booked Michael Douglas into the Carter County jail.