TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa library is back open after a big remodel to make it more user-friendly.

Things like CDs and DVDs are some of the most used materials at the Zarrow Regional Library, which is why the manager said they wanted to make the library a more digitally friendly space.

The Zarrow Regional Library is much more than a building full of books.

"The media at this building is the highest circulating area. One would think that we would be moving away from those types of things, but, as long as people still check out CDs, still check out DVDs, we have them," Manager Barry Hensley said.

That's why the library closed for remodeling for a few weeks, to make the space more digitally-friendly. They now have brand new touch screen computers, a 3D printer, and a digital lounge to house it all.

Hensley said, "We've congregated all the material in there, all the books on CD, all of the compact disks, all of the playaways, all of the DVDs, everything is all in one space now."

Hensley said it's important to meet the people where they are, whether that be print or digital.

"The whole point is to get people to read," he said.

And because of the vast amount of resources you can find there, the library hasn't seen a major decline in turnout.

"Libraries have often been called the people's university, because you can come in here, get a free library card, sit down at our computers, you can fill out job applications, you can have the staff help you with a variety of different things," Hensley said.

You can find a lot of their resources, or sign up for a library card, on the library's website.