TULSA, Oklahoma - The parents of a Tulsa student who had her hair cut by another classmate last week met with leaders from the after school program – hoping to learn what exactly happened and to find resolution.

It’s all about making sure kids feel safe and comfortable at school, and to stop bullying in its tracks.

Last week, a girl at Walt Whitman Elementary - who attends the Youth at Heart after-school program - came home with some of her hair cut and burned.

Mario Rollins, the girl’s father, said, "That's just not a good feeling. Cutting it and burning it, that's not a good feeling."

Rollins quickly contacted the school and the after-school program.

"I don't send my kids to get bullied. I send them to come do their work, get good grades, so they can have a future and go to college," he said.

Both Tulsa Public Schools and Youth at Heart began investigating; Tuesday, Youth at Heart program director Rodney Gray met with the whole family.

“The child was able to pinpoint when she felt it happened," he said.

Gray said the program instructor - who is also an employee at the school - began the resolution protocol and spoke with both girls.

"The teacher apologized for anything she may have said that was out of the way," said Gray.

Rollins said he would still like the other girl to apologize - something Youth at Heart said they are working towards, but need to make sure they have all the facts first.

Gray said, "We don't want to rush to judgment."

Rollins said he's happy with both the district and Youth at Heart.

"They are doing their job and I'm just going to be patient with them," he said.

But, like Gray, he wants to see bullying in schools handled correctly.

"We do not condone any of our kids doing anything offensive to each other," Gray said.

Gray also added he applauds Rollins for being so involved and hopes this sends a message to other parents about being active in their kid's schooling.

TPS district leaders said a school team is following up with the teacher involved but said it's a personal matter and they can't comment further.