TULSA, Oklahoma - Winning isn't just normal for the Memorial Chargers, it's expected.

They've done a lot of it this season. They’re 14-2 and second in the state in 5A as of Tuesday.

"We've won all of our home games, which is a goal of ours every year,” said Head Coach Bobby Allison. “We've played some really quality competition throughout the state."

Coach Allison points to the leadership on the team, especially the seniors, as to how the Chargers continue to have success.

"They're a mature group that wants to get better, so me being a coach, I just try to point them in the right direction,” Allison stated. “The seniors have the accountability to lead the team."

One of the special things is a familiarity and a chemistry that comes just from sharing hours on the court with each other.

Some of the guys on the team have known each other for years, going all the way back to kindergarten.

"I've been knowing Caleb Nero since second grade,” said guard Kobe Rose. “We went to elementary school together, and we played on the same AAU team. Me and Kalen, we've been knowing each other since kindergarten, so yeah, I really grew up with most of the team."

Forward Kaelen Childs added, "Our relationship is really tight. Our bond is really close. There's nothing that could separate us. Blood couldn't even make us any closer."

Up next for the Chargers?

They have a top-six matchup with East Central on Friday.