TULSA, Oklahoma - Smoke from a small fire forced residents out of a Tulsa motel early Friday.

A man driving home from work spotted smoke pouring out of the Georgetown Plaza Motel in the 8500 block of East 27th Street and called the fire department.

Orlando Person and the motel manager began knocking on doors to help residents escape.

"A few people came out but the smoke got so thick that, I had to come out," said Orlando Person.

Firefighters say the fire was contained to just one room on the first floor and they put it out quickly.  

Most of the residents were allowed to go back inside after the fire. The only exception was residents living on either side of the damaged room.

They said no one was in that room at the time of the fire and none of the motel's residents were injured.

Person says he didn't hear any smoke detectors going off while he was inside.  Fire officials told News On 6 they would make sure every room had a working smoke detector.