CLEVELAND, Ohio - My worst flying experience last season and the only plane I missed was at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Construction and mild chaos from travelers was in full force when I stepped inside the airport door back in December 2015. I didn't even come close to making my flight, due to long check-in lines and long TSA lines, adding to my frustration my pre-tsa number wasn't on my flight ticket. 

This time around: peaceful, no crying kids, no panicked faces on travelers, no long lines and best of all -- no construction. So far this season only one missed flight. I missed my connection in Las Vegas due to delays in Oakland, so I had a five-hour layover in Vegas earlier this month. I lost $15 bucks at the slots. Thanks Southwest.

I ride Uber in most cities. Sure, it's nice to have your own car, but you waste time upon arrival and departure at the rental agency plus the parking fees at hotels are outrageous, so more times than not it's cheaper to ride with Uber.

A funny Uber story from Sunday after the game. The driver picked me up by the arena. I put my tripod in the trunk and my carry-on luggage in the back seat (left side). I shut the back door and the driver drove off; she thought I was in the car. I had to chase her down, we laughed, she didn't get too far. She drops me off at the hotel, I exit on the right to pickup my tripod in the trunk and I shut the trunk and she tried to drive off again. I still had my carry-on on the left side of the car and I was walking around to that side to get it. Uber on!