TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa brewery recently took home the title of the best new brewery in the United States.

American Solera is opening up shop, and it could mean big things for a booming part of Tulsa.

With new construction going up, old buildings being refurbished, and coffee shops, restaurants and bars, the area of 18th and Boston is eclectic - and it’s about to get a new tenant.

“It made sense to me. It is close to a neighborhood and close to the trail, and everything about it just made sense for what I was trying to do with my beer,” Chase Healey said.

Healey, the brains behind Prairie Artisan Ales, wants to expand his newest venture, American Solera, to a building at 18th and Boston.

“It was crucial we moved into town so people could actually learn who we are,” he said.

They currently brew their beer in west Tulsa, but the “pilot facility" as he calls it will be a place to brew smaller batches that can then be sold to the public.

Healey said, “It is funny, we are now the second best new brewery in the world that 99 percent of Tulsans have probably never heard of.”

Developer Patrick Fox has big plans for the location and knew he found a perfect fit with American Solera.

“He has got a foothold in the neighborhood. He is adding to the neighborhood. Our hope is that he grows and we can grow him into a larger development that we are working on right now," Fox said.

After all, Healey is born and raised Tulsa.

“And we decided when we do our business we want to come back here and be part of the growth of this city and help make it awesome and make people want to stay here and keep making Tulsa a better place,” he said.

Fox said, “And I think he is happy here, just like the rest of us. We all live here, we all love Tulsa. It is a little secret hidden gem, and so we are just making it a little better all the time.”

American Solera hopes to open its door sometime this summer.