TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Public Schools is hiring new teachers; Tuesday, 70 people showed up at the district's career fair.

Some of them said they’re not letting the state's low teacher pay keep them away, but, they're hoping for better salaries in the future.

Eric Saulnier teaches classes at Oklahoma State University, and now, he said he hopes to teach history in Tulsa.

"This is where all the different cultures of the United States come together. Everybody's narrative kinda goes through Oklahoma," he said.

Saulnier was one of many applicants at Tuesday's TPS Career Fair. Applicants did interviews with school principals and taught a sample lesson in front of administrators.

Coy Nesbitt with Tulsa Public Schools said, "We have people who come in and interview, and if we feel like it's the right fit for the district, they'll get a contract today."

It's no secret that low teacher pay is scaring off some Oklahoma teachers. The district said 25 teachers left TPS in November alone, but Saulnier expects better times ahead.

"Things are changing. There's proposals coming from both sides of the aisle in the state capitol to raise teacher pay," he said.

Saulnier said that decision will show where our legislators' priorities really are.

"If you don't place a lot of emphasis on preparing them well to seize the reigns of society, eventually, and the economy, I don't know what your values really are," Saulnier said.

TPS said it will do monthly job fairs until they're able to fill those positions.