TULSA, Oklahoma - It's time once again for the Tulsa Gridiron; a musical review that pokes some good natured fun at newsmakers - local, state and national.

The Tulsa Historical Society has some memorabilia from past Tulsa Gridiron shows, and there's lot of it - it's been around since 1933.

Gridiron Director Rebecca Ungerman said, "It was an all-male show until 1986 when Karen Keith was the first female participant."

Early on, it was a Tulsa Press Club production, now it's open to the community, and they've been rehearsing for weeks.

Gridiron is songs and skits that skewer the past year's newsmakers, and last year provided plenty of opportunities.

"This year we had more than 44 numbers submitted for a show that takes about 22," Ungerman said.

As you can imagine, our new president gets lots of attention, but there are different targets every year; and, every year, the guiding principle of Gridiron is always the same.

"The Gridiron is a way of offering political satire," said Gridiron co-chair Angela Flax.

Poking fun at newsmakers - local state and national.

There are lots of laughs for the audience, and, in the end, the proceeds provide college scholarships for journalism and communication students.

Tickets and sponsorships are still available for next week's shows. You can find more information here.