SAPULPA, Oklahoma - Public schools are getting less and less state money, and with future federal education dollars also uncertain, a local company is doing its part to make sure some districts are stocked with a needed supply.

For school districts, copy paper is a major expense, and with budgets being cut, a few reams of paper can mean a student can print out and turn in that essay on time.

"It may be the most common item that schools really use," said Merrifield Office Supply owner, Henry Merrifield.

A few weeks back, the company started an incentive for people in Sapulpa to help their school district.

"Where the public can buy a case of paper at a discounted rate and then we deliver it," he said. “We've only been doing it for a week or two, and, so far, we've got 30 some case donated."

Now, they're expanding the program for Tulsa Public Schools.

Merrifield said, "We have a lot of customers over in Tulsa, so, we thought, 'Well, it makes sense for us to just do the same thing for Tulsa Public Schools.'"

For $25, you can buy a case. Merrifield delivers it for free, and you can even choose the school you'd like it to go to.

"A case here and a case there definitely could help them," he said.

The help is needed, especially as districts grapple with shrinking budgets.

“They have to buy a lot of copy paper every year," Merrifield said.

That’s why he wanted to do something.

"You never know with state funding these days, I mean, times get tough. So, we just want to help wherever we can," he said.

Tulsa Public Schools released a statement saying, "We are so grateful for the support of our community! Oklahomans are incredibly generous not only of spirit, but of their resources as well. We appreciate that Merrifield is creating this opportunity to give back to our teachers and schools."

If you’d like to help, you can visit this website, find the “Back to School” image, then, find “Donate paper to TPS” or “Donate paper to SPS.”

You can also visit the company at 608 East Dewey Avenue, Sapulpa, OK 74066. Or, you can call 918-224-6151 or email