COLLINSVILLE, Oklahoma - An elementary school counselor in Collinsville has come up with a way to help kids who have a hard time sitting still to be more focused and engaged in the classroom.

Lee Ann Due is the counselor at Herald Elementary. She works with approximately 600 students in grades 1, 2 and 3.

"A lot of kids, if they can get their body moving, because they're moving anyway, it helps their brain kick back in," she said. "Get that sensory input their brains need and their brains can kick back in and work successfully."

She started a fund raising effort to buy 10 wobble chairs. They're special plastic chairs that do exactly what their name implies.

"I wish that every school had these, these are so good," said Owen, a student.

"It's about $80 a piece, so if you know anything about Oklahoma education and state funding, that's not possible. So I set up a project to hopefully buy 10 to start with," Due said.

"The ultimate goal with this is to enable my students to be better learners and be more successful in the classroom," she said.

If the fund raising effort is successful, Due hopes to buy even more chairs.