TULSA, Oklahoma - So, you're driving through the skirts of downtown Tulsa, near the corner of 3rd and Victor, and you pass kind of a non-descript building and you wouldn't know that inside. What’s inside is a champion training.

"My dad was like, ‘Well if I'm babysitting, you're coming to the archery range,’” said Erika Jones.

And with that, a world champion career began.

"I just took off right away,” said Jones. “I was able to win my first national championship less than a year later."

Jones is a world record holder, a world champion, and has been the top-ranked female compound archer in the world, and she calls green country home.

"The Tulsa archery community is fantastic,” she stated. “They've got numerous clubs and numerous shops in the area."

As far as technique, she said, “a lot more goes into a bow and arrow than Robin Hood had.”

She added, "It just becomes an extension of my body, so it's all about muscle memory and shooting enough to know what you need to do to get the shot to go off."

Once a full-time professional, Jones now splits her time between archery, real estate, and family.

This spring, she'll go to USA archery team selection events and try out for the world championships this fall.

"I've really focused my career on being the best that I can at this," she said.

It’s safe to say that through it all, she's stayed on target.