GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - Glenpool Public Schools is asking voters to approve a $16.5 million bond issue Tuesday.

Glenpool is one of the fastest growing communities in Oklahoma; and Glenpool Public Schools, elementary through high school, are feeling the impact.

In the last year, a committee of parents, community leaders and school representatives developed a plan to make sure Glenpool is ready for the future.

Superintendent Jerry Olansen said, "Our community has always supported our school."

By coming together, the committee decided the school needs to make major improvements, but, to do that, the district will need $16.5 million.

"I believe we are the third largest elementary in the state at one site, so we are at maximum capacity. We have traffic issues out here in the morning and afternoon," Olansen said.

Of the $16.5 million, $16.1 million would go toward building improvements. Some of that money would go toward adding more high school classes, performing district-wide maintenance, and build a brand new elementary school.

Olansen said, “We try to think outside the box a little bit on that, and this bond issue - the biggest part of the bond issue - is to build an elementary campus off site."

The remaining $400,000 will buy four new buses.

"Our fleet is somewhat old and we have to start replacing them," the superintendent said.

If approved, the bond would raise taxes.

For example, for every $1,000 a person pays in property tax, the rate would go up roughly $3 a month, or $36 a year.

Your last chance to vote for the school bond is Tuesday. You can find more information on the bond issue here.