MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma - Residents southwest of Adair in Mayes County experienced widespread damage from strong storms late Tuesday and early Wednesday. The National Weather Survey team found evidence of at least two tornadoes in the storms.

Both were given a preliminary rating of EF1; one was located about six miles west-southwest of Adair at 11:35 p.m., the NWS is continuing to evaluate details on the second tornado.

Mayes County Emergency Management officials said that damage includes downed trees, damaged roofs and power outages.    

One family who lives on North 430 Road near Pryor says those storms left their yard a mess.

The area is saturated with uprooted trees all over and tree crews spent much of Wednesday morning clearing roads to make room for power crews and first responders. 

Emergency Management said most of the damage was from Adair to about six miles southwest of town. They had reports of strong winds, flying debris and transformers blowing.

The Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative said dozens of homes lost power overnight.

Emergency crews had to stop cleaning up for a while this morning, so they could work several car crashes caused because of drivers caused because drivers were speeding on the wet roads. 

"Some of these areas are low lying and flood prone areas that we know can have standing water and some of these people are going a little too fast; just need to take their time in getting where they're going to get," Mike Dunham, Mayes County emergency management. 

Mayes County says no one was hurt in these storms.