JENKS, Oklahoma - A former Tulsa County attorney was arrested on a felony count Monday, May 1. Jasen Corns, also known as Jasen Elias, was booked for permitting a minor to drink alcohol.

An affidavit states Corns allowed access to alcohol on a regular basis to a girl, 16, who was staying at his apartment with his daughter.

The girl, told police she stayed at Corns' residence with his daughter almost every day from January 2016 through October 2016. She said Corns would ask her and his daughter what they wanted to drink from the liquor store and go get it for them, court records show.

One night the three of them were drinking and having a "dance party" when they all fell asleep in Corns' king-size bed, the affidavit states. The minor told police she woke up to find Corns kissing her stating, "I want to taste you" and "stuff like that."

Corns has only been charged with permitting an invitee under 21 to consume alcohol, court records show. He bonded out of jail Monday night.

Corns gave the following response to News On 6: "The 17-year-old told a tale because she was angry at my daughter, admitted to lying, and apologized profusely. We have all moved on.”

News On 6 partner The Frontier reported Corns/Elias surrendered his law license in 2015 after an investigation into allegations that he bilked an elderly client out of $1.4 million including a home worth more than $500,000. 

The client filed a suit against him which was settled in 2011, according to the Frontier.

Corns also represented Amber Hilberling when she was found guilty of murdering her husband. Lori Fullbright covered his reaction to Hilberling's suicide: