TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa’s Spaghetti Warehouse closed in March, and this week, high bidders in an online auction hauled off all the pieces.

Danny Bennight's got a couple of chairs; he and his brother-in-law, Greg Haws, are gonna have about 70 chairs when they're done. They'll be taking home the basics for a small cafe.

"We're gonna open up a little deli slash game room up in Fort Gibson, where she'll make cakes and cupcakes, soups and sandwiches and salads," Haws said.

He said his wife is a great cook and has always wanted to do it - now's her chance.

The online auction began a couple of weeks ago and the auction company is selling everything that isn’t a piece of the building itself.

Haws said the new cafe in Fort Gibson should be open in mid-July; said his wife is likely going to call it FTG Café.