TULSA, Oklahoma - The 'fish' were jumping Thursday morning as a water feature of 'A Gathering Place For Tulsa' was tested. 

The 'flying fish' are a component of Mist Mountain and are actually synchronized streams of water that are shot overhead and are designed to mimic fish jumping from stream to stream. 

Executive Director of Tulsa's Gathering Place Jeff Stava posted videos to Facebook Thursday that shows the 'flying fish.' 

"These 'flying fish' fountains are in the Mist Mountain water feature on the west side of the lodge at the Gathering Place," Stava explained on his Facebook page. "They start in the lower pools and rise up the feature and deposit into a large sandstone crucible at the top of the water feature."

Ten new photos were posted Wednesday on the 'A Gathering Place For Tulsa' Facebook page and show updates on construction, the 21-foot Blue Herons and even a pirate ship.

"Imaginations will be the biggest thing at play at The Chapman Adventure Playground," officials wrote on the Gathering Place Facebook page. "From pirate adventures on a ship to ruling kingdoms from the royal tower, children will be able to go on journeys far beyond Tulsa."

Caregiver seating, fixed and swinging bridges, a water play tower and 21-foot blue herons will also be favorite attractions at the playground, according to the post. 

The park will be nearly 100 acres and will include several amenities like a five-acre Adventure Playground to Mist Mountain, sports courts, bike and skate parks, natural trails, a boathouse and large lawns for concerts. 

Construction began in September 2014 and was expected to be completed by late 2017, but heavy spring rains delayed construction. 

The five-acre Chapman Adventure Playground is scheduled to open January 1, 2018, with the rest of the Gathering Place slated to open in either spring or summer 2018.