TULSA, Oklahoma - Two men who were wrongfully convicted of a 1994 murder are suing the City of Tulsa.

Malcolm Scott and DeMarchoe Carpenter spent 21 years in prison before their release in 2016.

Both Carpenter and Scott were convicted at 18 years old of killing Karen Summers during a drive-by shooting in 1994. Years later, death row prisoner Michael Wilson admitted he was responsible for Summer’s death. Wilson’s confession came just before he was executed for another murder.

The complaint filed says the City of Tulsa, and Mike Huff and Gary Meek with the Tulsa Police Department violated their civil rights.

It says the defendants named deprived Carpenter and Scott of their right to a fair trial.

It also says they “knew or should have known that plaintiffs were not involved in murder of Ms. Summers and shooting of Price and Johnson, they fabricated evidence, including, without limitation, the coerced and rehearsed false testimony of Price and Williams.”

You can read the entire complaint below.