OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - A law taking effective next month will make it possible for Oklahoma drivers to show support for members of the military who were POWs or are Missing In Action.

House Bill 1510 created a new license plate dedicated to the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) issue. 

When a people order the plates, they will be able to select the letters/numbers they want as they would with any other custom plate.

The plates cost $38 for the initial order with $20 of each plate’s purchase going to the Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs.

The state will begin accepting orders for the plate on November 1. When it gets 100 orders, it will begin printing the plates.

The same law also created specialty plates for several school districts in northeast Oklahoma.

The state will also begin accepting applications for those plates on November 1 and they will also require a minimum of 100 orders before the state begins printing them.