SPERRY, Oklahoma - A home in Sperry was hit twice by the same burglar in the span of a week.

The thief broke into a house the first time but the second time didn't need to break in anything; he already had the key.

“Very personal things that mean the world to us,” said home burglary victim Robert Gonzalez.

Gonzalez is still discovering what he lost after a home burglary two weeks ago.

The burglar took mainly electronics, including a camera, computer and backup of almost every picture he had.

“That's things we can't get back,” said Gonzalez. “Material things I could care less, but those pictures mean the world to us.”

Gonzalez figures the break in was about a $7,000 loss but that was before the thief came back for the truck.

“You never think they're going to come back,” he said. “I didn't but apparently they did.”

When the thieves came back to take the truck, for some reason, they crashed through the gate on the way out and broke the mirror off and flattened the gate. Now, even if the deputies find that truck, it's going to be damaged.

The thief did leave one clue, a ball cap left behind in the house.

Gonzalez wants other people to learn from his double loss.

Police say burglars will usually go elsewhere if they see cameras, lights or hear sound coming from inside. It's also important to remember after a burglary to reprogram garage door openers, account for keys, including car keys, and rekey locks if needed.

Gonzalez figures he won't get anything back but he would sure like those pictures.

“Even if they drive by my house and throw them in the yard, I don't care and be gone,” he said. “That's all I want back is my pictures.”