TULSA, Oklahoma - The Tulsa City Council continued discussion Wednesday night about whether or not to allow street performers in the city.

City Councilor Blake Ewing asked for two more weeks to discuss some of the changes with the community before taking a vote.

If the ordinance were to be amended, it would allow street performers downtown with some restrictions.

Ewing said changes have already been made since speaking with the community before.

They include allowing an amplifier such as a loud speaker and allowing performances at any hour.

Professional Magician Chris Capstone said more work needs to be done on the issue, including allowing people to perform on street corners.

He says this will make foot traffic easier and safer for the audience but he says so far, he is happy with the progress that is being made to hopefully change this ordinance.

"Street performers are not necessarily homeless vagabonds, they're people like me who are professional performers they live in the community," Capstone said.

"For whatever reason its not currently legal to perform on a sidewalk in downtown Tulsa, so we're just trying to change that and live-in up the place a bit," he said.

We were unable to find anyone at the meeting who was against this proposed ordinance.