NEW YORK - President Trump tweeted late Wednesday that New York City terror attack suspect Sayfullo Saipov "SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY." 

Saipov appeared in court Wednesday in a wheelchair with his hands and feet shackled. Federal prosecutors have charged him with two terrorism counts.

Earlier Wednesday, Mr. Trump called Saipov an "animal" and said the criminal justice system is a "joke" and a "laughing stock" in its prosecution of terror attack suspects. He also appeared to indicate Saipov could be sent to Guantanamo Bay detention facility, but White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Mr. Trump "supports, or would support that, but he wasn't necessarily advocating for it." 

Investigators say Saipov on Tuesday drove a rented truck along a Manhattan bicycle path, mowing down pedestrians and cyclists until the truck collided with a school bus at a nearby intersection. Eight people were killed and 12 were injured. 

According to the criminal complaint, Saipov had been planning the attack for months and chose to carry it out on Halloween because he believed there would be more people outside. He also told investigators he believed the attack was a success -- and he asked to fly the ISIS flag in his hospital room.

Federal prosecutors say Saipov was "consumed by hate and a twisted ideology."