TULSA, Oklahoma - Prosecutors wrapped up their case Thursday against a man charged with sexually abusing children. The jury could deliberate Friday in the case against Tulsa man Brian Campbell. 

Campbell is charged with four counts of sexual assault of children under the age of 12. 

A TPD sex crimes detective testified Thursday morning about her investigation into Campbell's child sexual abuse case. 

The detective said Campbell was dating several women at the time of the investigation, including the mother of the two children involved in this case. 

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The detective said one the women had a 12-year-old daughter and investigators found texts from Campbell on her phone, that they classified as "grooming."

Prosecutors also played the detective's interview with Campbell in which he strongly denied all allegations of sexual abuse. 

He said he was not attracted to children and denied looking at child pornography.

The detective said when they went through Campbell's phone during the investigation, they did not find any pornographic pictures of any children.

But she said they did find Campbell had searched the internet for daddy/daughter pornography, but nothing illegal.

The detective said what they found was concerning, and not uncommon for someone who sexually abuses children.

The DA's final witness in the case was the TPD sex crimes detective who worked Campbell's case. Campell's attorney didn't call any witnesses. 

The prosecution rested its case late Thursday afternoon, and the defense will not present any evidence or call any witnesses. 

They say the abuse happened between 2014 and 2016. 

Campbell has pleaded not guilty to the charges.