TULSA, Oklahoma - Apple's brand-new iPhone X is on stores shelves now; and even the $1,000 price tag did stop customers from lining up early.

Before the sun was even up Friday, about 50 iPhone X hopefuls streamed into Woodland Hills Mall, hoping to get their hands on the latest Apple gadget.

Caleb Burdette had been outside the mall since about 1 a.m.

"I did this for the original iPad as well. So that's the probably the closest to this level of excitement," he said.

Thanh Nguyen said she drove from Bartlesville to Tulsa Thursday night for a final check, then drove back to Bartlesville, got no sleep, then drove back to Tulsa Friday morning.

"I need to buy three for my friend because I'm getting ready to go on a vacation to Vietnam," she said.

After the store finally opened, we caught up with Abdullah Aldawsari, the first person in Tulsa to get their iPhone X from the Apple store.

Aldawsari: "I was in my car last night at like 10:30."
Dave: "Did you sleep in your car?"
Aldawsari: "Yeah"
Dave: "Was it all worth it?"
Aldawsari: "Yeah.”

The iPhone X is different from the iPhone 8, which is also newly released but with fewer features and is cheaper.

The iPhone X has a cutting-edge camera, as well as the big selling point, a new FaceID system. The phone uses 30,000 dots to create a map of your face, it works in the light or dark, and they say it recognizes your face despite a beard, at hat or glasses.

Despite some criticism for the price, CBS's Moneywatch is reporting that early reviews of the new phone are good.