TULSA, Oklahoma - Some Tulsa churches are reviewing security measures after a mass shooting at a Texas church left 26 people dead and several others wounded.

Yale Avenue Christian Church said its staff will be meeting this week to discuss how to deal with these situations.

Minister Andy Campbell said they were wrapping up worship service at the same time the shooting happened in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

He said they have plenty of surveillance cameras and their buildings are secure not just on Sundays but throughout the week because of preschool on campus.

Church leaders plan to review security procedures and show church members what to do if an intruder comes into the church.

Campbell said the big challenge is making services comfortable but secure.

"Sunday, it's gonna be trying to find the balance between welcoming people into our church, which, you know, will always be the first priority, but also making those that we have welcomed feel safe and secure," he said.

Campbell said the church does not have security guards or officers, and he said he's not sure which, or if any, attendees carry a gun on any given Sunday.