BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - Friday was a Veterans Day one Bartlesville man will not soon forget.

In fact, 86-year-old Bill Loyd is still having trouble understanding how a run of bad luck has morphed into the opportunity of a lifetime.

Bill Lloyd was on his way to see his first ever Dallas Cowboys game last Sunday when he took a tumble and cut his face.

“It happened so fast.  The lady that was behind me, she said it looked like in slow motion,” said Lloyd. 

The injury wasn't serious, but it did cost Bill the chance to see the game or even enter the stadium.

Little did he know, this story was just getting started.

“I think we were meant to cross paths for whatever reason,” said Stephanie Wilson.  

Bill's accident attracted the attention of a Dallas woman, Stephanie Wilson, who waited with him until the paramedics came.

She'd seen the two medals pinned to his hat and decided then and there this Oklahoma hero should have a second shot at fulfilling his dream.

She posted what had happened on Facebook and within hours got an offer from a Tulsa company that exceeded her wildest expectations.

“As a company … NuRoof …  we have a suite there at Dallas and we decided to give Bill and his son … and Stephanie as well ... Stephanie and her husband ... tickets to go to the game,” said Cass Benner With NuRoof Construction. 

The only catch now was no one knew Bill's name.  

But Stephanie's post was shared more than 1,600 times and it didn't take long for the trail to lead to Bartlesville.

“My son Rick, he called me on the phone and said dad ... this thing is going viral. You would not believe it,” said Lloyd. 

And on this Veteran’s Day, the deal was sealed.  

Bill served in the Navy for 28 years and said this is the best thank you he could dream of.