SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - Sand Springs voters filled out ballots Tuesday to approve five bond issues that would fund a variety of projects.

Below is list and summary of the five propositions and whether they passed.

Proposition 1 (Pass): Would raise $3,505,000. It would increase the number of roadways the city overlays with new pavement. It would also build an access road from Highway 97 to Case Community Park.

Proposition 2 (Pass): Would raise $2,270,000. The money would replace the computer systems used by the city’s emergency services. The city says the current system is about 15 years old and is out of date. The money would also replace the fire department’s ladder truck. The city says the department’s current ladder truck was bought in 1990 doesn’t meet modern safety requirements so it can’t be used.

Proposition 3 (Pass): Would raise $3,765,000. It would be used to improve the city’s parks system, including the municipal golf course, baseball parking lot, museum, neighborhood parks, the Clyde Boyd Trail and the Keystone Ancient Forest.

Proposition 4 (Pass): Would raise $2,625,000. The city says the money would be used to improve the look of Sand Springs to visitors and residents alike. The city would beautify numerous intersections in town. It would also purchase a vacuum truck to be used to keep storm sewers clean. The bond would also pay for upgrades to the computer systems used by city employees.

Proposition 5 (Pass): Would raise $6,180,000. The money would be used for economic development, including buying land, direct incentives to businesses and improving infrastructure.

The city said if all propositions pass, they increase the cost of a $100,000 home less than $6 per month.