TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum is forming a new task force to re-evaluate how crews are fixing the city streets.

Street construction projects are a common sight all over like a new one on Riverside Drive just south of I-44. The southbound lanes are closed and all traffic is being forced to use the northbound lanes.

The mayor says it's now time to look at how the City of Tulsa approaches these projects, to make them faster and more efficient.

Mayor Bynum says local business owners and residents are making up the new task force and they'll meet regularly.

The chairman of the new task force is former State Secretary of Transportation Gary Ridley. Other members include city councilor Phil Lakin as well as Stacey Brown, Jarod Mendez, Anne Keller, Pete Regan, Lindy Risenhoover, Todd Saxton, Hal Walker and Bill White.

Bynum says the first step in the process is to listen to the concerns of people who are affected by these projects.

The City of Tulsa says the task force plans to release a report from their discussions by the Spring of 2018.

You can track the progress of Tulsa's street construction projects at Improve Our Tulsa website.