Rogers County Sheriff's Office made two arrests after they say a woman tested positive for drugs while in the hospital having a baby. That led to an investigation where investigators got a search warrant for the woman's house to make sure the infant wasn't exposed to drugs.

Karley Lynn Dorland arrived home with the baby when the THUG Task Force was on site. She told authorities she hadn't used meth since this summer although reports show she tested positive for amphetamine about two weeks earlier.

Deputies say she admitted to smoking marijuana a couple of times a day although she is breastfeeding.

Deputies say one room in the home was completely sealed off with a big sheet of plastic. They found what appeared to be a marijuana grow operation with plant nutrients and walls covered with aluminum foil.

About 18 inches above where the baby sleeps, authorities say they found a lightbulb that had been altered so it could be used to smoke methamphetamine.

Deputies arrested Dorland's boyfriend, Shaun Elin Bothwell, at his place of work. They say he told investigators the grow operation was both of theirs. He said the lightbulb had been used by Dorland, and he thought she'd disposed of it.

He admitted he knew Dorland was smoking pot while breastfeeding but also didn't think it was any cause for concern.

Dorland, 24, was booked on several drug-related complaints and criminal nonsupport, a charge made when a parent is unable to provide adequate support to a child.

Records show deputies search her phone and found messages indicating Dorland was selling Klonopin pills.

Bothwell, 36, was booked on drug possession, criminal nonsupport, and manufacturing marijuana.

The baby was taken into state custody by the Department of Human Services.