TULSA, Oklahoma - New information has surfaced on Tulsa's 75th homicide of the year.

Michael Lewis, a father of two, is the victim.

Police are now hoping to talk to the suspect's getaway driver. 
While Tulsa police have arrested a suspect, officers are still looking for some information.

They're also looking for the gun used to kill Lewis.  

Police said Jack Gutierrez drove off in a 2007 Dodge truck to help the suspect get away after shooting the victim to death. 

The suspect, Phazon Scott, returned to the scene hours later and police arrested him.

Now, officers want to talk to Gutierrez to learn what he knows about the murder.

"Now [that] this happened it's like everybody's kinda on edge," said neighbor Mike Blakely. 

Tulsa police found 40-year-old Michael Lewis dead in the living room after officers say Scott shot and killed him. 

The suspect is related to some people living in the house, but not related to the victim. 

"Lots of activity down there all the time," said Blakely. 

Blakely has lived in the neighborhood for more than 25 years and says for about the last two years, the home has been busy. 

Several neighbors said unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt. 

"We just notice the activity down there. It's been that way ever since they moved in. But, you know, it's the first time it got like this," Blakely said.

Police said the victim wanted to talk to a family member about a situation involving his children.  

When Scott arrived, police said he and the victim got into an argument just before the shooting.

"People are trying to mind their own business, and that's what we want it to go back to, just mind your own business," said Blakely. 

If you have any information on where Jack Gutierrez is, call CrimeStoppers at (918) 596-COPS.