TULSA, Oklahoma - The owner of a pickup described the moments before a woman stole his truck and led police on a chase. 

Mike Gilliland said the woman who came up to his front door Thursday was respectful and kind.

He said the last thing on his mind was her taking off with his truck.

Gilliland was working in his garage late Thursday afternoon when his doorbell rang. A woman was standing on his porch.

Gilliland said, "She said, 'I'm interested in looking at your truck. I'm interested in maybe taking it for a test drive.'"

"I said, 'Do you live around here?' and she said 'Yes,'" remembers Gilliland.

Gilliland asked if she could come back later.

He said, "She was pretty adamant. She says, 'I'm interested. I'd like to at least look at it now.'"

Gilliland said he opened up the truck so she could see the interior

"She reached into her wallet and gave me her drivers license and her social security card. 'Here just take these and let me drive around the block,'" Gilliland said. 

Gilliland refused, saying he needed to do the test drive with her. 

He walked a few feet away to lock his front door and the woman drove off in his truck. 

"I was at a loss. I mean, that is the only actual vehicle we've got," he said. 

Police said the woman who stole Gilliland's truck was 38-year-old Ashley Holquin.

"She was dressed neatly, real respectful. Didn't act like she was on anything or anything like that. It was the furthest thing from my mind that she was going to take off with my truck," Gilliland said. 

After she left Gilliland's home, Holquin led police on a chase, according to police.

At one point officers said she backed into a driveway and tried to run over an officer who tried to stop her.

That officer fired 9 shots at the truck. 

Then, police said, Holquin tried to carjack another vehicle with children inside. 

Police were able to stop her and take her into custody.

"I am just happy that nobody was hurt in this situation," Gilliland said. 
Holquin is in the Tulsa County Jail.

She was arrested on complaints of eluding, assault and battery on a police officer, attempted kidnapping, and resisting arrest.