TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police are investigating the city's 76th homicide of the year.

Police said 36-year-old Jose Luis Cordova was murdered early Sunday morning and they're warning a Tulsa community to be vigilant.

Police said the victim in the city's latest homicide was also shot back in 2016. 

Right now, they're looking for someone who may be targeting the Hispanic community.

"What we’re looking at and just to tell people what we can be looking at is somebody that's out robbing Hispanic people, for whatever reason," said Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker, Tulsa Police.  

Cordova was shot and killed after a fight early Sunday morning in a parking lot near 21st and memorial.

Police say security on the lot described a gun shot going off and the suspect retreating from Cordova only to return and go through his pockets. 

Reports say the suspect then fled.

"The hard thing is that our victim doesn't bring much to the table, we talked to his family, he kind of is a loner, lives with a bunch of other people who worked with him," said Walker. 

Walker said this may be a random robbery attempt but that could change.

He said what makes this case tough is that even after talking with family and friends, they still don't know much about the victim.

"They say the same thing he stays to himself, he was by himself so we don't know the reason, the motive behind, the murder is unknown," Walker said. 

What makes this case even more confusing is that the victim still had some cash on him. 

Walker said the Hispanic community is sometimes targeted because of a perception that they may not report the crime.

"The Hispanic community always needs to be aware of what they're doing when they are traveling alone," said Walker.  
But Walker said while the motive is still up in the air, his team is working hard to get the shooter off the streets.

"Yeah we're ready to give our best effort, and we will do so," he said. 
Police said they're trying to figure out what the victim was doing at that location and who he was with. 

If you have any information, call CrimeStoppers at 918-596-COPS.