TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa County Sheriff's deputy and another driver are recovering tonight after a crash in West Tulsa.

The fence is still down from the crash early Monday.

Neighbors who live in the area said because of the way people drive through down the street, something like this was bound to happen.

A driver was treated by EMSA after a crash between his SUV and a Tulsa County Sheriff's vehicle.

Becky Thompson lives just next door to where the crash happened and heard the impact from inside her home.

"It rocked my house," Thompson said. 

Tulsa police say the deputy was headed down 45th West Avenue trying to pull over a speede when another driver ran the stop sign at west 4th and slammed into the deputy.

The crash ripped off the deputy's bumper.

He ended up across the street and the SUV in the front yard.

Thompson said she ran outside when she realized what happened and saw the deputy first.

"He had a big old gash in his head and he came out just to see and then he went back over to his vehicle to sit down," she said. 

Thompson said she and the driver the deputy was trying to pull over are the ones who called 911.

Police said that other driver witnessed the whole thing and helped them piece together what happened.

"My understanding is that he stopped to actually try and help out and actually spoke with the Tulsa Police Department so I don't think under the circumstances we would want that person to receive a citation for all the help that that person was to us today," said TCSO spokeswoman Casey Roebuck.

While Thompson didn't see the crash happen, she said it doesn't surprise her one bit.

"If you live right here you know people run that stop sign all the time," she said. 

Tulsa police went to the hospital to ticket the driver of the SUV.

TSCO said both the Sheriff and undersheriff went to the hospital to check on the deputy.